Michigan Paper Die began in the late 1960's servicing the sheet-fed printing industry.

About Michigan Paper Die - Detroit Package Design & Die-Cut Packaging - content-2After introducing new technology, continuing education and building a vast array of experience, Michigan Paper Die has evolved into a leader. Our business has blossomed into packaging design, folding carton manufacturing, intricate steel-rule construction along with common paper construction. We work directly with design rms and agencies, corporations, the commercial print industry and the entrepreneur looking to hit the ground running. Our goal is to create products our clients are proud to put their name on.

With over 40 years industry experience, we've built a strong reputation for delivering high quality and cost-effective pieces. Plus, our turnaround times are second to none.

Michigan Paper Die's value-added core services can be found on our services page and a sampling of our work within the portfolio page. We will do everything in our power to meet you at your convenience during a project’s conceptual stages. This will help ensure your piece stands out from the crowd, remains cost-effective, allows us to test and design with the actual stocks, and to minimize any potential problems that may be overlooked before it is too late.

Look around and get to know Michigan Paper Die or contact us today to request a free quote for your project.

About Michigan Paper Die - Detroit Package Design & Die-Cut Packaging - 1qualityOur Quality Guarantee

Michigan Paper Die is committed to continuous improvement of job quality and customer satisfaction. Our proactive quality control policy helps to create a more personal feeling with your job. We aim to build upon your confidence that each job is handled with extreme care, and that focus is put towards on-time delivery.

In short, details of each project are logged throughout all stages of production, helping to create a packet of valuable information sent back with every job sent to Michigan Paper Die. With this, our hope is that these Quality Control Reports will help to educate our customers on ways we can work together to improve upon the success of future projects or programs.

In continuing our efforts to enhance our customer service, our current customers have been noticing some recent changes to our quality control policy. It is evident that our industry is changing and the demands of schedule and turnaround times are ever increasing. I am certain that we can all attest to the fact that rushing can lead to errors and overlooking details. As a matter of pro-active policy, we will continue to put forth a 100% effort to ensure that your job is being handled with the utmost care, going above and beyond the common accepted level in our industry. In short, you can expect to receive a packet of valuable information with every job sent to Michigan Paper Die. Below, is a breakdown of policy and information that you will receive with each order. The Quality First policy helps to create a more personal feeling with your job(s), and give you first-hand knowledge of quality, procedure & any issues that we encountered while processing your material.

About Michigan Paper Die - Detroit Package Design & Die-Cut Packaging - objectivesThe main objectives of our new Quality First policy include:

  • Ensuring that material begins production at Michigan Paper Die pertinent information on hand and well organized. This includes making sure that each skid is marked with guide and gripper information and samples flagged.
  • Making certain that a purchase order is on file prior to scheduling your job for production. Reviewing the laser proofs, mockups and transmitted electronic information, making sure there aren’t any missing or conflicting instructions.
  • Creating or retrieving the steel rule die for the specific job or program. This will include an analysis of wear-and-tear and maintenance on existing dies.
  • During make-ready and production runs, there will be pull sheets for quality checks performed regularly. Each pull will yield two sheets that will be marked with the sheet number of the pull. The first of the two pulls will be for our in-house documentation. The second pull will be put aside to be packaged in a quality control package specific for our customer’s use. This package will be in addition to that of samples, marked to the attention of the individual who signed the purchase order.
  • Along with pull sheets will be a report of quality. This will include any and all notes, mock-ups and proofs that were transmitted to management regarding your job or program. It will include conversation notes that took place between your organization and Michigan Paper Die, Inc. It will also contain specific information regarding our procedures.

During the design of this effort, it was our intent to not make our job or yours more difficult. This was specifically designed to ensure our continued commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We aim to build upon your confidence that we are handling your jobs with extreme care, and focusing towards on-time delivery. Our hope is that this will inform and educate our customers of problems or situations that arise during production and things that may be avoided in the future with upcoming jobs or programs.

We welcome any questions and suggestions about how to make these efforts more beneficial. We’re available by phone to answer any questions at 313.873.0404 or through our contact form.

Nick Bommarito

Vice President
Michigan Paper Die, Inc.